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Internet history eraser software is easy to use, safe, read-only and non destructive utility for permanent deletion of unwanted files, folders, browser history, address bar dropdown list, browser URL path history, cookies of your browser, windows temporary folder and all unseen records from your personal system. The software also helps you to maintain your system privacy from other user access. When you access internet websites, any kind of your confidential data including files, images, downloaded software etc is stored in your system and these files are easily accessible by anybody and you have lost your privacy, if you are using delete button even from recycle bin these data will not be deleted and can be recover by any recovery software, Internet history eraser permanently deletes these kind of data from your system and maintain your privacy. You can use this software very easily with or without having any technical skill. Internet history eraser software provide data erasure support on windows operating file system and make sure data deleted by internet history eraser can never be recovered again by any recovery software. The software improves your system performance and frees more disk space as it deletes all temporary and unwanted data from system.

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